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That was my last

Actually i always loved for do that.. hmm.. it was a pleasure for me..

I love dancing.

But not for now, it’s can’t being a part of my future  anymore..

 I just let it for being my past.

Well, let me tell some.. i have a team, named Autizhem. I even do not think much about that name. J

We’re start with our leader Rendy, he’s nice and so talented! He dancing much better than me and the other. Oohh man!! I love you.

Then, i have Articha.. she’s bring us korean and jappanesse style. It’s the hard thing to do. You know, dancing crazy like Super Junior or even more TVXQ. Ohh god! But, i always love to do that. Hehe

Come to big mama, Resty. She was the most sexy dancer ever (for me). She has beautiful long hair, ough it’s the poin! Her hair make she look and feel more sexy. J

And then, i have Melisha.. she not really hot at all. Haha. That time, she’s the smallest one, so we could put her anywhere.  J

We do dancing with our own way.. but now there was the new born Autizhem, still with Rendy, Articha, Melisha and a new girl named Iddes. I’m and Resty just out..

My ex or even my boyfriend now doesn’t like me to stay with the one thing i love..

It’s just OK for me, because it just my pleasure.. like a boy like football L

Buuutttt, for the last, in last month i'm and two of my friend take a time for dancing again..

It’s me, Anniss and Dhika.. we do a temporary dance. Start with Jaipong and ended with Sexy back from Justin! Ouch. It’s the last great time ever.

and now all i know is, I’m never do it again.. it was not in my time anymore.

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