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Try To, with Mini Dog (: #obsession

you know, it's about my obsession, to have one, and hopefully for someone to give me.. ):
well, back to the post, there're some kind of Mini Dog, included my hopefully little huahuahuaa :D

first :: Shih-Tzu ::

this dog has a mixed blood, from Tibet and China (Peking). with height about 28cm and weight 4-5kg.
oohh, i remember Chiripa when i saw that pic, hahaha Dulce Maria's Dog! LOL

second :: Peking ::

this dog surely from China. with height about 30,4-45 cm and weight 3,6-4,5kg. look likes similiar with the Shih-Tzu yeah? well, it's cause they're have same blood.

third :: Poodle ::

hmmmm, this dog are from France, tadaaa!! with curly body hair and various colour like white, brown and black. so stylist.

Fourth :: mini Pincher ::

see that pic and what's going on your mind??

#LOVETOWRITE, samantha

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