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not just love in love..

i am being 20th this year, but i was make a comitment on my relationship as well i can.
i thought this time was over for searching and choosing a boy just for a date..
haha :D
i never know what the future brings to me but i belief if i take care what i want and need that possible to be my future..

i am a good girl. yeeeeaah really a good girl, never ever gonna bad. i guess.. :)
for me there only one man (not boy anymore!) who can stay on my heart :) :)
for the first time i fall' love with someone on junior high school, i belief that he could be my forever. hahahaa, what a dummy i am!
but that's me, i never want someone else if i was have someone beside me.
sooo, it's too hard when i was over with someone somehow sometimes, it's feel so hurt.

but i can't change mine, i'll be like this, until now...

i am really loves my boy, he's my everything..
no matter who he is, where he from, what he did, as long as he loves me. (backstreetboys, haha)

thank you god for make me feels like this, always..
for the feeling makes me never want someone else if i was have someone beside me.

that's my comitment for love, not just love in love.


  1. etth..penuh beth dah postingannya ya..hehehe,,
    semangat buat rencana'a bkin blog inggris....

  2. hehe
    sering2 ya maen ksini..
    gue juga nti maen2 di postingan lo..
    secara belom ada yang follow2.
    heheee :D